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GM (C) /Cable Fault-Central/16-17 25/10/2016 Excavation and reinstatement of pits and Trenches for attending   U/G cable faults, Cable jointing, Rehabilitation of Pillars/DPs and other associated works   in DGM NW O(Central) Area   DETAILS...    (E Tender  ) 16-11-2016@14:30 Hrs
GM(NWO-West)/Cable Fault/Mtce/Cable Laying/KKN & KOD/ 2016-17/01 21/10/2016 Tender Document for attending Cable Faults, Rehabilitation, and Cable Maintenance including Cable laying Works for External Plant of DGM (NWO-KKN) & DGM (NWO-KOD) of West Business Area, BSNL, Chennai Telephones  DETAILS  (E Tender  ) 11-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
DGM (NWO) NE / LAYING OF DISTRIBUTION CABLES /2016-17   19/10/2016 laying of distribution cable and its allied work in DGM (NWO) North East comprising of Flower Bazaar and Harbour Divisions and DGM (O&M) Kalmandapam comprising of Kalmandapam, Ennore, Ponneri and Gummidipoondi Divisions   details...     (E Tender  ) 09-11-2016@11:30 Hrs
DGM NWA-CM/Tender/VRLA Battery/2016-17 dtd 01-10-2016 15/10/2016 procurement of 350 Sets of 400AH VRLA batteries   details... 03-11-2016@11:30 Hrs



supply of Power Plant of Ultimate Capacities-150A & 300A for the year 2016-17 through E-procurement  details....

03-11-2016@11:30 Hrs
AGM ( NE ) / TMX-CANT / A-6/ Tender/ 15 –16 / 27/09/2016 run a purely vegetarian refreshment/meals Canteen at Flower Bazaar Exchange Complex.  details... 07-10-2016@15:30 Hrs


26/09/2016 Installation and De-installation of Batteries at selectedBTS locations pertaining to the CM wing of CHTD    details.... 17-10-2016@11:30 Hrs
DGM/KKN//E-TENDER/ KKN/HOUSE KEEPING WORK /2016-17 21/09/2016 carrying out House Keeping works for a period of One Year from the date of signing the agreement, in K.K.Nagar Telephone Exchange    details....     (E Tender  ) 19-10-2016@11:30 Hrs
AGM-PG/AT/2016-17/CGM CHTD/Housekeeping 21/09/2016 Providing House Keeping Services”at CGM office Building  Complex   BSNL,Chennai Telephones, #78,Purasaiwakkam High  road,Chennai-600010.   details...     (E Tender  ) 14-10-2016@14:30 Hrs
DGM (NWO-KEL & MVM) /E-TENDER / EPN Mtce./2016-17/01 20/09/2016 Excavation for tracing of cable  fault and reinstatement, for attending U/G cable faults of North West  Zone of Chennai Telephones comprising of KELLYS,  MADHAVARAM AND PERIYAR NAGAR Divisions   details...       (E Tender  ) 14-10-2016@11:30 Hrs
CHTD/E-TENDER/OFC Mtce /2016-17/01 15/09/2016 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Local Area of OFC Network,BSNL CHTD  details...     (E Tender  ) 21-10-2016@15:30 Hrs
EOI No. EBC/CHTD/EOI/2014-15 01-09-2015 Empanelment of Sf's in the Circle by open ended EOT, regarding  Details

Applications in prescribed Proforma are invited by the Chief General Manager, BSNL, Chennai Telephones from eligible partys for Empanelment as System Integrator for Supply, Configuration and Maintenance of Customer‟s End Equipments, their network on LAN / WAN etc. for Data Services offered by BSNL Details   Amendment Annexure

54/ ED III /CH/16-1
24/10/2016 Replacement of faulty Fire Alarm Control panel at RK Nagar Exchange 2nd floor ,Chennai    details...     (E-Tender) 04-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
58/ ED I /CH/16-17
24/10/2016 Replacement of faulty RMG HT panel in Anna Nagar TE Building, Chennai. (Recall)   details....     (E-Tender) 04-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
59/ ED I /CH/16-17
24/10/2016 Replacement of faulty RMG HT panel in Flower Bazaar TE Building, Chennai  (Recall)   details...   (E-Tender)   04-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
57/ ED I /CH/16-17
22/10/2016 SITC of 2Nos 1.5TR S/T AC units for MUX at TE Flower Bazaar, Chennai (SW: Wiring & ITC of AC units in power Room)   details....     03-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
51/ ED III /CH/16-17
22/10/2016 Replacement of 3nos. 630KVA transformers with 3nos. 750KVA transformer at TE building, Haddows Road, Chennai.(E-Tender)     details... 04-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
52/ ED III /CH/16-17
22/10/2016 Comprehensive maintenance of Electromechanical services in Staff Quarters (Type I, II, III, IV) at JJR Nagar, Chennai. (for the year 2016-18)    details... (E-Tender)     04-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
39/ ED III /CH/16-17
22/10/2016    Replacement of faulty RMG HT panel in Mambalam TE Building, Chennai (Recall) (E-Tender)    details.... 03-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
53/ ED III /CH/16-17
21/10/2016 Comprehensive Mtce. Of Electromechanical services for Type-I and Type II staff qtrs CIT Nagar ,Mambalam Chennai-35.( SW: Replacement of faulty cable and Electrical Miscellaneous works)    details....   (E-Tender) 31-10-2016@15:30 Hrs
50/ ED III /CH/16-17
16/10/2016 Providing additional exchange earthing for Madurantagam group RSUs ( TE Pukkuthurai, TE Karunkuzhi, TE Zamin Endathur , TE Cheyyur ,TE  Pavanjur, TE Nedumaram and  TE Vilanganur  )   details...... 02-11-2016@15:30 Hrs
56/ ED I /CH/16-17
16/10/2016 Providing EI ,EB Service connection and SITC 2 x 1.5TR  window type AC units for proposed  GSM RTT  at MM Nagar,NH3 (51532)    details.... 27-10-2016@15:30 Hrs
55/ ED I /CH/16-17
14/10/2016 SITC of 1 no 750 KVA Engine Alternator set with Acoustic Enclosure for TE  Bldg at KK NAGAR. (SW: Providing Auxiliary works).  details.... 22-10-2016@15:30 Hrs

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