III. Additional Wireless Security

You can also bind your laptop/PC having wireless adapters to the Wireless Modem by the way of binding the wireless adapter’s MAC-address to the Modem. This prevents other laptop/PC from accessing your connection even if some one knows your wireless security key.


I.       To findout the MAC Address of the Wireless Adapter of  Laptop / PC:-


In the Laptop / Desktop, go to the command prompt  (by clicking Start button, select Run, type cmd and press enter key)


In the new window, type the command   ipconfig  /all


Look for Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection


Note down the Physical Address  (which is the MAC address of wireless adapter)


Type “Exit” and press enter key to close the command prompt window.


II.    To Configure MAC Filtering in the Modem


First enter into the Modem web-page by typing in the browser

Give the username as admin and password as admin


A.    For WA3002G4 Wireless Modem :

1.      Click Wireless in the Menu

2.      Click Enable Wireless (if not checked)

3.      Click MAC Filter

Click  Add.Fill-in the MAC Address already noted eg  00:15:58:DC:10:21
(Please remember to have : between two characters as shown)


4.            Click Save/Apply button.

5.            Click  Allow

6.      Click Management

7.      Select   Save/Reboot

8.      Click  the Save/Reboot  button

9.      This completes Wireless Mac Filter configuration



B.     For WA1003A  Wireless Modem :

1.      Click  Advanced

2  Click Wireless Management

3. Click on (Tick) Enable Access List

4. Select Allow



5.      Fill-in the MAC Address already noted eg : 00-15-00-4C-1B-85

(Please remember to have  -“  between 2 character as shown).

6.      Click  Add

7.      Click  Apply

8.      Click Tools

9.      Click  System Commands

10.  Click Save All

11.  Click  Restart  (or Restart Access Point)

12.  This completes Wireless Mac Filter configuration